Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The big birthday party

Jordan's birthday party this year was at the Clay Center which was a lot easier than her 1st birthday party. I think the kids had a great time playing in the 5 and under area after the eating/present part of the party. We had a good turnout, though we missed Vivian and Jackson who were understandably unable to be there.

Instead of a cake, we did cupcakes and Jordan's cupcake topper was a cute little dog painted to look like Maddie who Jordan recently decided was her puppy.

One of Jordan's favorite presents was this chair from our friends Matt, Caroline and Hope. As soon as Jordan spotted it, she grabbed it and carried it all over the room with her. It definitely became the princess' throne! Of course, Jordan sported her birthday shirt for the occasion.

It is so hard to catch a genuine smile on film!

And some of the decor. The banner had puppies and paw prints.

As did the confetti on the tables. The gift bags included candy, dog bone shaped cookies and small stuffed dogs.

I have a confession. I have misplaced the USB cord for my camera, so I can only load pictures on the computer with the memory card. The card will only work with the home computer, so I'm not so good at loading pictures on the computer right now. Hopefully we'll find the USB cord again soon.
This past Sunday was our neighborhood Halloween parade, so I got some cute pics of Jordan and the neighborhood kids having a good time. She is one of the youngest in the neighborhood at the moment, so she was clearly a bit scared of some of the people and costumes. She has her Halloween party at daycare tomorrow, but the parents aren't invited due to parking and the knowledge it would be pure chaos if everyone was there at the same time. However, we are going to take Jordan trick or treating for the first time on Thursday. My prediction is that she will not go to a single door outside of our cul de sac without one of us carrying her, so this could be interesting. As a bonus, my mom is handing out candy at our house (she doesn't get trick or treaters at her house) and is bringing us dinner. Wish us luck trick or treating!


CBRESQ said...

We wish we could have been there. I cannot get over how grown up Jordan is looking these days. I am glad the big party went well and am looking forward to Halloween pictures.

Jenny said...

Well we need Halloween pictures now! Glad to know that trick or treating went relatively smoothly!