Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The big birthday party

Jordan's birthday party this year was at the Clay Center which was a lot easier than her 1st birthday party. I think the kids had a great time playing in the 5 and under area after the eating/present part of the party. We had a good turnout, though we missed Vivian and Jackson who were understandably unable to be there.

Instead of a cake, we did cupcakes and Jordan's cupcake topper was a cute little dog painted to look like Maddie who Jordan recently decided was her puppy.

One of Jordan's favorite presents was this chair from our friends Matt, Caroline and Hope. As soon as Jordan spotted it, she grabbed it and carried it all over the room with her. It definitely became the princess' throne! Of course, Jordan sported her birthday shirt for the occasion.

It is so hard to catch a genuine smile on film!

And some of the decor. The banner had puppies and paw prints.

As did the confetti on the tables. The gift bags included candy, dog bone shaped cookies and small stuffed dogs.

I have a confession. I have misplaced the USB cord for my camera, so I can only load pictures on the computer with the memory card. The card will only work with the home computer, so I'm not so good at loading pictures on the computer right now. Hopefully we'll find the USB cord again soon.
This past Sunday was our neighborhood Halloween parade, so I got some cute pics of Jordan and the neighborhood kids having a good time. She is one of the youngest in the neighborhood at the moment, so she was clearly a bit scared of some of the people and costumes. She has her Halloween party at daycare tomorrow, but the parents aren't invited due to parking and the knowledge it would be pure chaos if everyone was there at the same time. However, we are going to take Jordan trick or treating for the first time on Thursday. My prediction is that she will not go to a single door outside of our cul de sac without one of us carrying her, so this could be interesting. As a bonus, my mom is handing out candy at our house (she doesn't get trick or treaters at her house) and is bringing us dinner. Wish us luck trick or treating!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

2nd birthday- first celebration

I have to say that Jordan had a really good 2nd birthday. She started out with mini-cupcakes at daycare during snack time and ended the day with lots of fun presents and a giant cupcake at home.

One present she got a little before her birthday was this fabulous swing set from Robert a.k.a. Bobo. I'll post lots of pics later of her playing on her swing set.

Every 2 year old needs to rock out in Barbie heels- right? Of course, Maddie was nearby keeping an eye on everything.

Jordan's other "big" present was a playhouse from her MaMaw, Aunt Julie and great aunt Charlotte. She absolutely loves it and I'll admit that Dave and I have both already made it inside the thing. We've also eaten a lot of imaginery pizza that originates from the playhouse.

Blowing out the candles on her huge birthday cupcake.

This is the only picture I got of the cupcake before Jordan's finger went in the icing.

Jordan started out in a cute birthday shirt, but thanks to the first round of cupcakes and a water incident at daycare, she ended up in the change of clothes in her locker. I didn't feel like changing her because I was so excited to take her out back to see her playhouse.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My 2 year old baby girl

It seems like yesterday I held you for the first time. I was so scared taking you home because the nurses wouldn't be there to watch you when we were sleeping. I woke up so many times that first night to make sure you were still breathing in the cradle beside the bed. Now you are learning to do front rolls, climbing the ladder to your swingset without any help and even swinging on the rings in your gymnastics class.

You don't miss a thing. When I walked in the door with your giant cupcake last night, inside of its plastic container and 2 grocery bags, you immediately asked what was in the bag and kept telling me you wanted cupcakes. Since I had mentioned it 30 minutes earlier, you knew that is what I had. You are so strong and strong willed. You have to have it your way or no way, which is why you threw a fit this morning when you did not want to wear your shoes to "kool" since my shoes looked so inviting. Everyone keeps implying that you get that from me, but I don't know about that...

You give the best hugs, and when you are in the mood for kisses, you give them, a lot. Every freckle is a boo boo, so it must be kissed. You love to sing Twinkle, Twinkle and humming it is almost as much fun. Occasionally you'll mix Happy Birthday with Twinkle like only you can do. Hearing you count to 9, always skipping 4, is adorable, even if you refuse to believe that 4 exists. Your recent love of rocks is pretty cute. I'm guessing not too many kids keep their rocks in a purple satin box like you do though.

I hope you have a great second birthday and that your next year is as amazing as the last 2 years. You are loved by so many, and I hope you always know how much you are loved, especially by your parents. We love you baby girl!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Firetrucks, boats and planes, oh my

On Jordan's first beach trip, we managed to cram in her first trip on a plane, on a firetruck, on a golf cart (forgot to take a picture of that) and on a boat. Not bad for just a few days in the life of a 1 year old.

This was in the Atlanta airport before the big storm clouds rolled in. We had more quality time there than we anticipated, so Jordan ended up falling asleep on the flight between Atlanta and Wilmington.

And my aunt and uncle who live in Southport, NC, are part owners of a 1960 firetruck which has been altered so there is bench seating in the back and a cute little table. We rode in the back to an ice cream parlor across the street from the marina and had a great time.

Jordan with my aunt Marta checking out the side of the firetruck.

And on the ferry back from Bald Head Island with Dave.

And a picture of Miss Attitude for good measure. This was her reaction when I asked her to look at me and smile.

Tomorrow is the big day, so I'm not going to be sappy at this point. I will say that I can't believe my little baby Jordan is already turning 2!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Bald Head

On what we thought was our last full day in NC we spent the morning on Bald Head Island. It is a neat little island where the main mode of transportation is to ride around on golf carts, which I must say were surprising expensive to rent for a couple of hours. We rode around the island and explored on our golf cart while getting off at some of public beach access points. Jordan was not in the mood for pictures much of the day, and the golf cart made things interesting. At one point Dave's hat blew off, and he had a minor pop spill incident, also in the golf cart.

Here is Jordan on one of the beach access walkways.

Dave holding her since she wasn't so willing to pose on her own. Notice the ocean in the background.

Bald Head Island is also the home of Old Baldy, a neat old lighthouse that is no longer in service. It was closed that day due to a pirate event in the afternoon (thus the pirate behind the fence). I quickly realized there was no way I was fitting Jordan and the entire lighthouse in a single picture.

So, Dave posed with Jordan much further from Old Baldy. I tried to hold her for some pictures, but by this point she was not the happiest baby, so the only ones I have of the 2 of us show her with her head on my shoulder. We were bribing her with cookies to pose for pics, but she still wasn't into it. Oh, well.

And a pic from my phone of the beautiful scenery at one of the public beach access points. It was gorgeous!! You can see the mainland in the distance.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Catching up- beach trip

Just when you thought I had abandoned my blog, we're ba...ack...

We had a good trip to the beach at the end of July, including Jordan's first trip into the ocean, first plane ride, first boat ride and even her first fire truck ride. She handled flying better than I did since I ended up crying in the airport the day we were supposed to come home begging the jerk manning the gate to get us home the day Delta was supposed to get us home but was unable to do because of mechanical issues (in combination with weather issues in the preceding days).

Jordan was only so-so on the ocean, though I will admit the waves at Holden Beach were pretty rough. When I was on my knees holding Jordan in the water, several of the waves were strong enough to knock me off balance, but Jordan didn't go under water or anything like that. She was clearly more impressed with the pool at the beach house and the pool at Dad's housing development. It is like when we go to the park and all she wants to do is swing when we have a swing at home. At least we all had a good time and were able to spend time with my dad, his wife and her son.

Here is Jordan the first day at the beach checking things out.

In the ocean with Dave.

Playing in the sand. Dave would make the bucket-shaped mini castles and Jordan would knock them down. We bought a really cheap, small video camera for the trip, and we got some lovely footage of Jordan knocking those things down like it was her job.

This was the second day at the beach. Don't believe for a second she went into that water alone!

I have more beach pics to post, but long story short 1 case has taken over most of my summer, sending me to Elkins repeatedly, Parkersburg and Greensburg, PA, not to mention some all day depos in Charleston. I'm leaving for Motown/Morganhole on Monday for a 2 day mediation and keeping my fingers crossed that that will be nearly the end of the case for me. For that reason, I've felt like an absentee mother a lot lately and have gotten behind on blogging and lots of things, not to mention it now being a joke that I actually still have an office at my firm.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Potty training!!

I can't believe I forgot to mention that Jordan has peed in the potty several times now. She isn't so good at letting us know she has to go (yet), but she loves to sit on the potty and has peed in it several times since Friday. At least it is a step in the right direction!